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Texmac Takaya APT-1600FD

The APT-1600FD Series is a dual-sided flying probe test system which deploys the flying probes to both sides of a printed circuit board. Owing to the simultaneous dual-sided probing contact, the APT-1600FD Series can contribute to a marked increase in test coverage with shortest amount of test time.

The APT-1600FD Series has world-class test speed and positioning accuracy, and is equipped with laser height measurement system, LED test sensors and a wealth of extraordinary test functionalities that significantly expand the application possibilities of flying probe tester.

See the Takaya APT-1600FD in Operation:

The APT-1600FD main features include:

  • 6 top & 4 bottom probes
  • Test male/female connector pins
  • Improved access with vertical probes
  • Through-hole test with vertical probes
  • Top & bottom LED color test sensors
  • High accuracy measuring circuit
  • Top & bottom color cameras with LED light
  • Precision laser distance measurement
  • Flexible odd shape board clamp