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Teradyne/GenRad Test Set Development

TTA has been developing programs and fixtures as turn key solutions on GenRad ICT equipment since 1982 and is a proud member of the Teradyne Support Network.

We have developed an extensive list of model libraries over the years along with many in-house tools to aid in the generation and debug of GenRad ICT programs as well as quality verification tools to help expedite development.

During development you will have direct contact with the engineer working on your project to make sure all expectations are met and exceeded.

  • Latest TS128LX tester
  • Complex High Node Count Boards Specialists
  • ISP / Flash / Serial EEPROM Programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • Framescan and Opens Xpress
  • Wireless, Dual Well, and Panel fixture development
  • Custom Device Modeling
  • PIC and Microprocessor Programming
  • MAC Address Programming
  • ITAR Registered
  • Board Test Services
  • Remote Support Available
model libriaries and tools for generation and debug of GenRad ICT programs
Teradyne Support Network